Antoine in the ring w Dennis and Kay      Kay with young boxer      Dennis with young boxers

Coaches Dennis Porter and Kay Koroma are building the next generation of stars in the sport, and their hard work has been paying off in a big way. Alexandria Boxing Club athletes earned berths in both the men’s and women’s Olympic Team Trials in 2012 and the gym already boasts hopefuls for both the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games.

Yet Porter and Koroma understand that helping their athletes rack up victories in the boxing ring isn’t their only job at the Alexandria Boxing Club. The impact that the pair has had on the young people in not only their gym, but also the community overall can’t be quantified by simply wins and losses.

However, the Alexandria Boxing Club coaching staff has enjoyed a highly successful 2014 in the win column with their athletes racking up a combined eight national championships and four professional victories in 2014.

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Coach Porter has been with the Alexandria Boxing Club for more than 20 years, providing training and a safe place for young people to spend their time throughout the past two decades. From young kids to aspiring champions, Porter has worked with them all since becoming the head coach in 1991, and he often spends more time at the Alexandria Boxing Club than his own home. You can still find him there to this day teaching everything from the basics of throwing a jab to fine tuning an elite athlete’s head movement and defense for a major professional bout or major national championship event.

Coach Koroma has a unique understanding of the importance of having a dependable person in your corner not only in a Kay with Kavonboxing match, but also in the bigger battle of life. That’s why the former boxer takes his role as a coach to the athletes at the Alexandria Boxing Club so seriously. He enjoyed a successful amateur career of his own and now dedicates all of his free time to help the athletes in his care rack up wins of their own.

Koroma’s coaching style has made him a favorite to athletes from across the country as well as those in his Alexandria Boxing Club. In addition to his own Alexandria Boxing Club athletes, he has helped guide two world ranked athletes to national titles and outstanding boxer of the tournament awards at major domestic competitions in 2014. Koroma has been actively involved with the U.S. National team in preparations for international competitions.  In 2014, Coach Kay received a key to the City of Alexandria from Mayor Euille for his accomplishments in coaching and guiding our youth boxers to the elite level.